Indonesia RO System Project

1.Project Brief

The paper mill used reverse osmosis technology to purify the river water, and the RO permeate water is used for production. The treatment capacity reaches 235,000 tons per day, and there are 32 plants of RO system in total. .In 2019, 336 BW-8040FR elements from KeenSen were purchased to be used in one of the systems. So far, the membrane system is working stable.

2.Technological Process

River water—Sedimentation—Neutralization detonation—Sedimentation—Mesh flocculation— Strong endorphin sand filter—Self-cleaning filter—RO

3.System Quick Facts

Element Model Permeate Flux Recovery Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Pressure Vessel Array
BW-8040FR 22.86LMH 85% 0.8-1.2MPa 260m³/h 32:16:8 (6cores)

4.System Operation Data

Date Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Recovery Salt Rejection Temperature
2019.7 9.8bar 260.5m³/h 85% 98.2% 25℃