Sea water desalination projects for petroleum industry in South America,Case Example

Sea water desalination projects for petroleum industry in South America

Sea water desalination projects for petroleum industry 

1.Project Brief

This project is to desalinate seawater through reverse osmosis process. The RO permeate water is treated by EDI as boiler feedwater. In 2022,168 seawater elements were used in this project. The RO system has been installed and operated for one year, and all effluent indexes achieved the expected results.

2.Technological Process

Raw water—Cooling tower—Coagulation sedimentation—UF—Cartrige filter—RO

3.System Quick Facts

Element Model Permeate Flux Recovery Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Pressure Vessel Array
SW-8040MR 16LMH 40% 5-6MPa 100m³/h 24*7

4.System Operation Data

Date Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Recovery Salt Rejection Temperature
2022 56bar 100m³/h 40% 98.4% 28℃

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