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Pakistan RO system project

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Update time : 2022-04-15 15:12:00

1.Project Brief

Pakistan petroleum enterprise used reverse osmosis process to treat river water, and reverse osmosis permeate water is deeply treated by back-end process as factory boiler feed water.

2.Technological Process

River water—MMF—UF—Cartrige filter—RO

3.System Quick Facts

Element Model Permeate Flux Recovery Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Pressure Vessel Array
BW-8040 24.9LMH 75% 0.8-1.2MPa 100m³/h 12:6 (6 cores)

4.System Operation Data

Date Operating Pressure Permeate Flow Recovery Salt Rejection Temperature
2020.5 9.5bar 100m³/h 75.2% 98.8% 28℃

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